Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The famous question

Every day when I pick up my kids, their very first question is, "Mom, what are we having tonight?" Since starting preschool, they have decided that they are now picky eaters, but I refuse to make a special meal for each of them, so they get what the grownups are having and can choose to eat or not. We also have a crazy busy schedule and being just slightly type A, I have to have a plan. Once a week, I plan out our meals for the week. I have a template that I use that has the days of the week on one side and my grocery list on the other. I divide my grocery list into these categories - produce, meat, dairy, canned goods, frozen, pantry, health/beauty, household, misc.

On the calendar side, I put all our events and then plan out our meals, planning around the things we have at night. I have a few recipes that I use all the time, but I also collect recipes from magazines and other websites. They are all kept in binders in page protectors so that I can just wipe spills off of them. I then try to shop just once a week, unless an ingredient doesn't look that great on the day I go (here's a hint, find out when your produce deliveries are and go shopping that day or the next for the best choices).

Sometimes we stick to the meal assigned for that day and sometimes it's just a guideline of what we have available. I do try to use fresh, organic produce as close to my shopping day so that they are at their peak.

I will be posting my shopping list each week and the recipes that we had that day and use my kids reaction to rate it.

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